My view of life
News · 24. February 2021
Women & men ....

Creativity in Pandemic Times
News · 23. February 2021
One is kitting for the family, I renovate my Media.

Face lifting of Gozo News
News · 02. February 2021 has a new look. The name Gozo News remains, but a lot has changed.

Gozo in COVID mode - Skewered (2)
News · 13. July 2020
Everyday situations around the COVID pandemic on Gozo are impaled here from my point of view. My first visit to Victoria when the Covid measures be relaxed.

Gozo in COVID 19 mode - Skewered (1)
News · 08. June 2020
Everyday situations around the COVID pandemic on Gozo are impaled here from my point of view. Here about the shopping experience in Qala's small grocery stores.....

Now its Time!
News · 26. March 2020
Put it in my slippers and off the sofa now for me too! Don’t worry, I’m fine, I’m just ooold! Yesterday I reported on the elderly who meet for a chat in the parks, on the streets and squares in Gozo and Malta. Today it’s over. Didn’t think that posts on FB or other internet media could cause such a quick and blatant reaction – hahaha! Now the government has reacted and quarantined all “risk groups”.

Unreasonableness has no Age
News · 25. March 2020
Unreasonableness has no age A lot has been written and spoken about curfews, bans on contacts and self-isolation throughout Europe in the last few days. The public debate focused on young people who formed groups, groups or celebrated COVID parties in parks, beer gardens and squares. One (including myself) assumed ignorance and anti-social behavior. It was soooo good! But not only young people let their love of life run wild.

Life with COVID 19 on Gozo
News · 24. March 2020
The view over Mgarr reflects the location and the feeling of the inhabitants of my small island in the middle of the sea: Gray is the predominant color at the moment. With the first COVID infected everything changes here!

I don't like to believe it!!!
News · 18. March 2020
How ignorant is that! "From now on, should we close the pub ?!" the Cologne scene wonders and quickly gathers for one or more beers in the pack, but let's not forget the Munich party people who had to cuddle up to Lake Starnberg again!

Pretty lazy the Haubi!?!
News · 17. January 2020
... you might think when you see the last blog entry was made. Summer was over and my private time on Gozo started again.

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