Rita's Coffee Break

During the last month I recognized an on coming interest of people to learn German on Malta. Perhaps they saw more German-speaking people than residents and visitors to the islands, or they saw the need for another European language in the industry. However, it's never bad to learn something new.

"German Coffee Break" is learning German on the easy way. 


When you attend a course in the language schools around the world, no matter what language you learn, the lessons usually start with grammar, formulations, and sentences that you do not need in normal life, which makes it difficult.  You don't have enough time for discussion or to dive deep into the language.


Many of the students give up and lose interest. I think this is also a wrong way to learn a new language.


We need to remember how we learned our native languages as a child. 

We heard the parents talking, they gave us advice to do this and that with examples. So, we learned words, short sentences and built up a vocabulary.


When I think back to my first French lesson, my lovely teacher started French from day one. No German word came out of her mouth! We listened, read and understood slowly, but we dived deep into the language and had fun, that was the best! To my shame, I lost all my beloved French because I didn't use it when I left school. Okay, during my travels to North Africa in the 70s it was useful and necessary, but later English became the most commonly used language for me and my surroundings. My summary: You must talk, talk, talk.


I want to give you the opportunity to learn and speak German with fun.


We come together as a small group, only 4 to 6 people, for a coffee break in my house in Xewkija. Over coffee or tea with homemade cake, I will show you the German lifestyle and describe the tools and equipment used, the ingredients and how I prepared the cake or tell short stories. 

In this way, you will hear, understand and learn words and how we form the sentences. No grammar, that comes by the way. We will only talk German at any time. If you have problems understanding it, give me a sign and I will repeat it in another way.


After a few meetings, you will be able to speak in simple words and sentences and ask questions.


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