Touren on the island

Some interesting walks on the island, take a look and follow my foot steps.


A Sunday walk in the South

A nice walk of about 9 km and 2 hours for the distance from Qala along the sea was just right for a Sunday. I took my time and had the opportunity to rest on the edge of the road and take coffee breaks. I started at the church square in Qala and went right down the street next to the phone box towards Hondoq Bay. When Hondoq Cafe was there anything to drink before it was going on the coastal path direction Mgarr. Past the marina and the boats in the dry dock, it went up the stairs to the road from the port. I went on her farther mountain up to the first gate to Bethlehem. Through this area I arrived the church in Ghajnsielem. On the terrace of the club house of the brass band I was sitting in the sun with a big cappuccino with pastries. Then it went through the narrow housing gap for buses, which have on each side only 20 cm at both sites to drive through. At the village square past the road to Qala and bent into it to the left. On the right side comes a street with the sign "Country Terrace Restaurant" and here it went right into it. Following the street, I passed the Belvedere, a view over the sea, Comino and Malta, and reached over the small roundabout the road straight out to the square Buttigieg, right along the main road again at the Church Square. It's nice and it's going to be evening. Just right around in Ta ' Vestru Restaurant to order my dinner. was as always delicious!

Swimming in the North

A bathing in the north of the island could look like this: start at the promenade of Marsalforn, a breakfast and the hike from 9 km to mountain and valley begins. Strengthens the coastal road up to the 1st stop for swimming on Qbajjar Bay Beach or the Xwejni Bay Beach, as you like. Continue on the salt pans past the Wied il Ghasri for diving, snorkeling or swimming in the fjord. Back to the coastal road to Zebbug. Are you hungry? Then I highly recommend the pizzeria Francesco at the church! Continue to go back through the fields it goes to Marsalforn. Theire the beach at the harbour is waiting for you. A dinner in Muriella Restaurant next to hotel Calypso would be my choice.

A Hike around the Cliff

I suggest a trip for fit hikers here. More than 3 hours for 14 km already says something about the route that is coming. You did sun protection, bathing suit and provisions? At the last stop of line 311 at "Broken Window" you start at the hotspot in Gozo, the Blue Hole and inside Lake and go across the coastal path along the cliff to the Wied il Mielah.Where the "Rock Door" is waiting for you. A worthy successor of the Azur Window and so far not so well known yet. Continue to the Gordan Lighthouse, then at the Ta ' Pinu pilgrimage church. A beautiful track with a lot of nature. The effort is worthwhile!

Discover the Northeast

I have a day trip in my luggage today. You'll see that I didn't do everything on foot. Due to age, I took the bus a couple of times. You're 12 km away today but that I have to say it always goes up and down! The displayed 2.5 hours are ambitious.

But let's start at the church square in Nadur. You reach him by bus 303 of Mgarr or Victoria. After a tour of Nadur it goes down the hill to Ramla Bay. My suggestion is always, do not forget the bathing suits on these trips! Now it goes uphill to Xaghra. There awaits you at the church square but the rest in Café Real with a snack and drinks will you deserve. After a visit to the sights Xaghras go on, this time mountain off, to Marsalforn. This is the best time in the water, right? On the way back by bus 310 to Victoria I recommend a stop at Ta ' Mena estate. Here you can make a wine tasting.