Welcome on Gozo


From the ferry in Gozo, you can see where it goes: mostly mountain. The steep coastline greets your visitors repellent, whether friend and most of all as an enemy. Don't let it scare you, it's worth it. The story begins already in the Neolithic period, the traces of which you can still find everywhere on the island. It was determined by conquest, occupation and foreign domination. Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, they all passed by and left their mark. The most obvious are those of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. Now known as the Order of Malta, they ruled the archipelago for three centuries until they surrendered it to the French under Napoleon. The Gotianer fed up, the soldiers stuck in the fortress of Victoria and declared their independence. A year later, it ended with the protectorate of the British in 1814. Since 1964, Malta has been independent and today it is the smallest country in the EU. Gozo is now a district of the Republic of Malta. Agriculture and fishing have always been the main source of income, but tourism is becoming more and more important. Luckily there are no big hotel facilities and no industry here either. Life is relaxed and unexcited, very different from the metropolitan area between Valletta and the port Cirkewwa.