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Citadel of Rabat

The existence of a fastening place from the time of the Phoenicians is assured. In the Middle Ages, a castle was built to protect the people of Gozo from the pirates and invaders. Nevertheless, slave hunters abducted most of the inhabitants of Gozo.  After being possessed by the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem in the 16th century was built by them the present citadel. It is now uninhabited and houses the court and the old prison, that today is a museum, the seat of the Bishop of Gozo and Comino, souvenir shops and a restaurant.


This imposing church is consecrated to John the Baptist and is the seat of the Order of Malta.

It has the fourth largest church dome in Europe. You can climb the dome and take a great look at the inside and outside.


The temples from the Neolithic period are testimonies from the early days of the settlement of Gozo. They are among the oldest, halfway preserved buildings in the world and are over five thousand years old. A visit here and especially in the local museum is worthwhile.

Calypso Cave

The Cave of Calypso, the nymph we know from Homer's Odyssey, is supposed to be in Gozo. Well, the scholars are still arguing about it, but it is quite possible. Odysseus wandered through the Mediterranean for a long time, so why shouldn't he be stranded here? Unfortunately, you can only visit his prison from above, after which the cave has been partially broken into. You all have a great view.

Tal-Mixta Cave

Get an idea from the broken Calypso Cave you find here. It offered protection for the farmers in the past, it is used now for healing celebrations, joga courses or music meetings. You have a great view over Ramla Bay and the sea.

Here you find the route from the street up to Nadur. 


Ta’ Pinu

The pilgrimage church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. She goes back to a Marian apparition. A woman from Gharb heard at the 22.7.1883 from the then chapel the invitation three Ave Maria to pray. Then her terminally ill mother was cured. From the basilica there is a crossroads on the opposite mountain Ta Ghammar. The pilgrimage takes place every year.

Gordan Lighthouse

On the way from Zebbug after Gharb come by the lighthouse. It was the landmark for the shipping and is now used as a weather station. Unfortunately, it is not accessible. 

The 160 m high hill offers a beautiful view of the land and the sea.

Dwerja Tower

Not far from the Azure Window restaurants you come on the way to Gharb by the guard and fire lookout tower. Here you have a great view of the homonymous bay.

Xlendi Tower

At the end of the Bay of Xlendi you will find one of the restored guard and fire towers built to secure the island in the 17th century. These towers were equipped with cannons and the fires were used for navigation.

Tas Salvatur

The statue Tas Salvatur is a 12 m high Christ figure, which is at the edge of the valley of Marsalforn was built on a cone-shaped mountain. From the erroneous assumption it was an inactive volcano. The statue stops on the hill of our savior his blessed hands over the valley, like his model in Rio, in the hope that this can prevent an outbreak.

Wied Il Mielah

You can find a further cut into the interior of the country here. Below the ligkthouse you will find at the end of the fjord, which has now fallen dry, a rock gate that overlooks the roaring sea. On the left side of the cliff there are climbing aids to the sea, on the right side there is a staircase to the sea.

On the Cliff

The cliff stretches north of Zebbug to the west along the steep coast and falls down to 40 m deep into the sea. In some places, climbing aids are beaten in the rock to facilitate the ascent of divers and water sports enthusiasts. Countless caves, which offered protection to pirates and fishermen and were also used as camps, are welcome to visit. In some places fjords have dug into the country.

Saline at Marsalforn

On the cliff and also at the Hondoq Bay you'll find salt pans. In stone pools, salt is extracted in the traditional way and sold on the spot or in the souvenir shops of the island.

Inside Lake

On the north-west Cliff, the inland lake is next to the former Blue Window that, unfortunately, a storm fell victim last spring. The lake has a rocky beach and access to the open sea. Through a channel under the cliff you can swim or get there by boat. But if you have strong winds, you should do without it.

Blue Hole

If you're from the parking lot on Azure Window Restaurant over the rocky beach go towards the sea, you get to the blue hole on the cliff edge. This very deep hole is filled with water and is very popular with divers. There is also a campsite near the beach. I can recommend a visit to the restaurant.