Malta: Island & Country

Malta, a little state between Sicilia and Tunis is a part of the European Union. The archipelago is collect from Malta, Gozo and Comino and there are living nearly 450.000 people on 316 km². The last centuries it was protected by the Britain, still it was independent in 1964. The country is well developed, save and friendly for foreigners, because it has a long history in protection. Now 10.000 years populated, there where Phoenician, Greeks, Romans, and when Romans empire fall down Vandals and Visigoths followed them. In 9. Century, when Byzantine empire took control, the base of the Maltese language was built. Today “Malti” is a combination of Arabic, Spain, Italian and English. After the Byzantines came first the Sicilians, then the Spaniard before the Knight of the Teutonic Order the island got. During the French revolution they left the islands and the French were chases away in the wars of liberation of the Maltese with support of the Britons. Still 1964 Malta was a part of the British Empire. Malta belongs to the Commonwealth. That is the reason English is official language today.


The Knights, which strongholds, castles and order houses are the base for the tourism these days.

Topography of the island is rough, with cliffs, rocks, hills, valleys and plateau and bays. You find farmland and busy towns and villages, tourism and industrial areas, an international airport, harbour with ferry to Catania, Valencia and Ancona.

Gozo, Comino and Malta are connected by ferry as well.

Farming, tourism, ship construction, service companies, the international hospital, the university und trade are the base for Maltese success, but don’t forget the education service. A lot of students comes to learn English there.

You can choose between the busy main island Malta, with big Hotels, full streets and busy traffic, or the calm Gozo, where the Maltese makes vacancy.