Gozo: a Rock in the Sea

The little sister of Malta is only a fifth with 64 km². From Victoria, the island capital, you can reach any villages from coast to coast by local bus in twenty minutes. You find the villages on the hills and in the valleys, also at the sea with harbour and beaches.

In their surrounding you walk through lovely gardens, vineyards and farmland. Woods you will miss, still now, but the government has started a program to develop them. “Malta goes green” is the slogan.

Farming is the most important business on Gozo, sixty per cent their food Malta get from there.

You find a lot of holiday houses, privileged at the seafront, but also in the hills. Mostly used by the local people from Malta. Individual tourism for diving, horse riding and ride a bike is typical for this area. Big hotel areas you cannot find here. Fishing is not interesting, fisher man working only for the local market and the boat are used to take visitors around the island. If you search a sandy beach, you find them small in Marsalforn, Xlendi and the big one at Ramla Bay with a dune! But you can swim and dive all around the waterfront, climbing step path and ladder take you in the water.

Local life on the island is calm, cosy and leisurely. Neighbourhood and cooperation are very important. This social life with helping hands, local nursery and live at the market place, a short cup of coffee or glass of vine in the bar I will enjoy in the future.