My Gozo

My personal guide for all those who want to visit Gozo and do not want to push information from the point of view of an older lady. I live here and I come like you from the outside.

Why Gozo?

Everyone asked me this question when I moved from a small town, just a few kilometres from Munich city, to the small island in the Mediterranean. The answer I want to give with this very personal guide. As a city-plant from Berlin to the village?  That was a challenge for me. But I quickly realized: No comparison with the villages in Upper Bavaria. The mix makes the difference. Locals, residents from all over the world, holidaymakers and especially young people on their trips around the world are responsible for the flair of the island. My first year in Gozo gave me time and opportunity to explore the villages, their festivities, leisure activities around the year. To enjoy the urban life in Victoria and the "way Of Life "to get to know the foreign community was on the agenda. That's all I want to show you. Follow my footsteps in Gozo. 

Have fun, your Rita

Arrival on Gozo


From the ferry in Gozo, you can see where it goes: mostly mountain. The steep coastline greets your visitors repellent, whether friend and most of all as an enemy. Don't let it scare you, it's worth it. The story begins already in the Neolithic period, the traces of which you can still find everywhere on the island. It was determined by conquest, occupation and foreign domination. Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, they all passed by and left their mark. The most obvious are those of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. Now known as the Order of Malta, they ruled the archipelago for three centuries until they surrendered it to the French under Napoleon. The Gotianer fed up, the soldiers stuck in the fortress of Victoria and declared their independence. A year later, it ended with the protectorate of the British in 1814. Since 1964, Malta has been independent and today it is the smallest country in the EU. Gozo is now a district of the Republic of Malta. Agriculture and fishing have always been the main source of income, but tourism is becoming more and more important. Luckily there are no big hotel facilities and no industry here either. Life is relaxed and unexcited, very different from the metropolitan area between Valletta and the port Cirkewwa.

Stadt, Land, Meer

For example: Victoria


The island's capital, from the Gotianern Rabat called, has urban flair. Based on the Citadelle, the old city at the time of the Knights, the town spread down to the new town in the south. As the center of the island with an infrastructure of good standards it presents itself today. The bus terminal, called Victoria Bay, is located in the middle of it and connects all places at the island. In addition to the Episcopal Church of Saint Marija in the Citadel, the Basilica Saint Gorg And the Church of St. John the spiritual and cultural center of the city. As everywhere in Gozo, the influence of the parishes is great. Their brass bands are the origin of the philharmonic choirs and orchestras of the two opera houses. With guest appearances by Maltese artists working on houses around the world, astonishing performances of operetta, opera or musical and concerts in spring and autumn are possible.  Not to mention the concert hall of Don Bosco here, too, is exceptional............


 Ramla Bay mit Düne

The most beautiful beach on the island is at the end of the alley between Nadur and Xaghra, hidden behind a reed forest and the dune you will find a wide, about 500 m long sandy beach of ochre colors in the sun. The water is clear and about 50 m shallow until it becomes deeper........

Places to be

Ta Pinu 

The pilgrimage church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. She goes back to a Marian apparition. A woman from Gharb heard at the 22.7.1883 from the then chapel the invitation three Ave Maria to pray. Then her terminally ill mother was cured.........

What goes on?

 Hondoq Night

At the same time as the Suncape Festival takes place in Qala a music festival on three evenings in the beach of the Hondoq Bay. Organized by the community with support of local youth. Super bands, class bar and catering..........

Useful information

Travelling by bus is a cheap thing. You can use the ticket (€1.50 from October to May and €2 from June to September) 2 hours, change and also drive back. But you have to take time. The line passes every 30 to 45 minutes, only the bus from Mgarr toMarsalforn runs each 1.5 hours. ........


More about Victoria and the other places of the island, descriptions of the beaches, the most beautiful sights and their history, events and activities, as well as tours suggestions. Lots of information and links to means of transport and organizers of tours all this can be found in my guide Gozo 2018 in the shop.