Powerful – Independent – Adorable

When woman lands on Gozo, her path certainly leads ins Zeppi’s in Qala. Why? The “Mundpropaganda”* does not let anyone pass this meeting place on Gozo. The owner and her team are a guarantee for a nice day or entertaining evening.

Sonia Xerri is an extraordinary woman and with her I would like to start my series “Strong – Independent- Lovely: Gozo’s Women”.

When Sonia took over Zeppi’s for seventeen years, it was still a typical men’s (football) club as you can find it anywhere on the island.


Well trained by her three brothers, she always knew how to assert herself and to stand as a woman in the hospitality industry on a very patriarchal island. It created a meeting place where locals, immigrants from all over the world and holidaymakers alike feel at home.



She did not always have it easy, but Alex, her long-time companion, also actively supported her in her plan to give the artists of Gozo a stage.


But that is not all, Sonia works to improve the situation for musicians and organizers on Gozo. Admission of venues and their opening hours,the vexed topic of volume and their restrictions from the last century to the modern age is not easy here either! As well as the preservation of our environment and rural life, it is very important to her. Is it what many holidaymakers bring to Gozo and not party, beach and rattling quads! The building rage is also a thorn in her eye and to endure all this and to fight against it is not easy for this delicate little woman. Her family, pets and friends give her strength she told me.


“My kittens give me love, listen and don’t disagree!”


Sonia Xerri says with a laugh!


The development on Gozo makes her sick, she said in our conversation, and it is much more important that the principle of “quality instead of quantity” should finally make its way on to our island.

Their stamina is impressive. Right now, in times of pandemic, she is proving it. Are we going to close the pub and retire? Not Sonia – she clearly closes according to the rules and is back with the “window sale” during the day to serve her regular customers the coffee and toast for a break. She take on the hardship of no more tables outdoors with disinfection and service at the table, it cannot be small.

Do without music? Not with Sonia: “Backdoor Jam” from Zeppi’s is Monday at 8 PM under YouTube the answer for the fan community! Class, Sonia!


Ch-ch-changes (Turn and face the strange) Ch-ch- changes – Don’t want to be a richer one – Ch-ch-d-changes (Turn and face the strange) Ch-ch- changes – Just gonna have to be a different one – Time may change me -But I can’t trace time….


David Bowie, singer songwriter (Hunky Dory)1971

This could be Sonia’s motto of her life.


What comes after the pandemic? A party? Probably rather again the quiet sounds of the life music evenings in the pub.



Sonia, the Lady of the Night has discovered the sun and the day for herself since last year – she should shine this adorable fairy in the Zeppi’s, who always has a little chat with her guests, also in the future!


Stay strong lovely girl, yours Rita


*means talk from person to person


Happy Birthday

110 years ago, in March 1911, the 1st International Women’s Day in Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the USA. What has become of the demands, what has been achieved and what has not changed so far?


Politically, the program was for women to have the right to vote and to stand as a candidate, socially it was about equality and participation in public and economic life, the abolition of child labour, better salary and decent housing for all.


Well, then we did it! We do?

We have achieved this with the right to vote, but what has it brought us?


The proportion of female MP’s in the city, state and federal government increased only after the introduction of the “women’s quota” in the SPD and the introduction of the consistent “double-header” among the Greens to an increase in the proportion of women from 10 to 32% in 1998, also thanks to the women from the former GDR. Until then, it was always between 6.5% and 10%,  and only in the last 30 years have it become more and now stands at 37% in the German Bundestag at 52% female voters – equal rights in political participation achieved? Hardly!


With the case with the quota, we do not just need them here. We will only be on an equal footing if every unqualified man can be faced with the same woman, which I think is easy to achieve. Even if men don’t like to hear it. In the case of lawyers in the civil service, it is precisely they who benefit from equality, because their legal qualifications are often worse than those of their female competitors.


Participation in economic power, what about that? No better, only one in three leadership positions is occupied by a woman. Thanks to the introduction of compulsory education and the abolition of child labour in the Weimar Republic, women were given their “ancestral” place: kitchen, children, church! Father became a breadwinner and “head of the family”, including the right to deny the wife a bank account and work. Super, the right to self-determination fell by the wayside. World War II brought us back to the factories, men to the front. The double burden of work, household and children care was born and to compensate we got Mother’s Day and the Mother’s Cross!


The German answer to the battle song “Bread and Roses” of the American women 1912!


The new Federal Republic changed only a little, only in 1952 maternity protection was brought in and in 1958 woman was allowed to open an account, the husband could no longer participate in her inheritance, but a professional activity had to be “compatible” with domestic work and childcare until 1977. Until  then, the decision on this was up to the  “Family Board”. That was just  44 years ago. Women still earn 23% less than men in the same position, are still considered raven mothers when they are fully employed and their family work is still considered God-given.


Today for the birthday we celebrate the return of the 50's in times of the pandemic. Who is responsible for homework, childcare, budget management in 2021, of course we!!


OK there are men who participate and aspire to a division of labour, but what is the popular opinion on this? Softy, cuddly daddy  and work shears witch against them. Large parts of our society are still alive in the last century. Girls wake them up!


Do you want to take to the streets like the women of Poland and demonstrate how your grandmothers in 1972 for self-determination about pregnancy and the way of life?  


“Don’t let yourself get down, be naughty and wild and wonderful!”


Astrid Lindgren, children’s book author / writer


If we have learned something in the last 110 years, it is that nothing is given to us, everything we have won can disappear very quickly and no one voluntarily gives up his power. So get up, join forces and form networks. Men have been doing this for centuries,frets, rope teams and clubs have been and are male. What are we doing? Playgroups, Mothers’ Meetings and Cooking Classes. Is this our way to a better time? Hardly.


I don’t think resentment and envy are female. Solidarity and support are our strengths,let us use them! I am and remain an optimist!


All love and head up!


My view of life

Anyone who knows me or has followed my blog knows I have my own view of the world around me.

My focus is on the circumstances in which my fellow citizens live. That's not right: my sexual comrades should be called it. My look is female, what else!


So it's no surprise that I'm now bringing a series of portraits of women to life.


Under the heading "Tough -  strong  -  beautiful, Women on Gozo" articles will appear here.


With these short stories I would also like to describe the social and cultural side of my island. It will come as no surprise that much of one's own life is familiar. Those who live in rural areas will often find themselves again.

Here, too, the well-known model of the division of labour is the woman: family, children, home and employment; Man: employment, sport and leisure activities. Do you notice what?


I do not fail to recognize that there is a change. More and more men are taking responsibility for children and family, but they are in a difficult position. In our society, fathers on parental leave are still ridiculed. Too bad! Girls help them and give up responsibility!!!


As an "Emanze" (Suffragette) from Germany, I was amazed, or should I say shocked, about the view of the Gozitan men. I sat down on the bench at the bus stop, in the coffee shop or in the evening in the Pup, already one man was there to tell me his life story, to offer his company or to present himself in the best light. My 'no' to the questions of married, children or family and my statement 'I am an independent woman' always had the same result: first incomprehension and then caution.

Really funny how easy it is to keep men at a distance, probably, not only here on Gozo.


Anecdote on the subject:


My water boiler in the kitchen gave up the work. My landlord sent the electrician with the words "keep an eye on him when he works!". He came, immediately started to upgrade the device. When I asked whether he had considered the connection to the washing machine, he was unsure. What does the woman want, is it my thing?!


Apparently, he felt hit in his professional honor or caught in a mistake, because he separated the machine from the boiler. But then stopped work with the words: "I'll be back tonight when the man is at home."  Did he mean my landlord? My answer: "Sorry, but I am the man in the house!" made him speechless but left him to finish his work.


Sure, the next time I had another craftsman in the house.



Gozo in COVID mode - Skewered (2)

With the opening of the airport in July, the summer season also starts on Gozo. Shops are open, the hairdresser can finally cut hair again and restaurants and bars invited you to linger again. Okay everything under COVID security measures so keep distance – wearing masks - disinfecting hands and reduced space in the restaurants.

All the best? My first visit to Victoria in months is sobering, the shops are open and offer their wares. But I don't want to try on the new fashion, my mask is very disturbing and does not decorate it! Not only I have no desire to use the shopping experience, the empty shops.

I stroll through the alleys and streets up to Independence Square to admire the wide selection of free tables. The souvenir shops are almost all closed and there is not much going on in Victoria. I have a cappuccino at Coffee Break and make my way back home.


Gozo in COVID 19 mode - Skewered (1)

Summer is coming and the Covid measures are being relaxed. Me and my peers are allowed out of the house. But is it worth it? 

Shopping with a mask according to the new rules means: In my small supermarket of Benna 4 customers are allowed in at the same time after the hand disinfection. It would be nice if everyone could count to 4! Mask duty is not for everyone here either. 

A young man crawls comfortably unprotected in the freezer and then strolls through the narrow corridors, squeezing past me, which means keeping distance here. I  ask him if he has forgotten something, he looks at me without understanding. Does he not speak English? He doesn't look Maltese and I try it in French, Italian and German, he just says "What  happens?!" Me: "The mask left at home?"  No answer. I, already slightly angry "I can also ask Benna to throw you out" he crawls his crumpled mask out of his pocket, look, he has one!

Keeping a distance at the checkout? It's out of the question, everyone is getting on top of me. I think to myself, save himself who can and push my basket into the checkout area with the words "Benna please make me the bill and send me a message about what it will cost and please bring me all home, I feel uncomfortable here, my love!" and leave the shop in a curse.

What would I be without my beloved delivery service? 


Now its Time!

Put it in my slippers and off the sofa now for me too! Don’t worry, I’m fine, I’m just ooold!

 Yesterday I reported on the elderly who meet for a chat in the parks, on the streets and squares in Gozo and Malta.

 Today it’s over. Didn’t think that posts on FB or other internet media could cause such a quick and blatant reaction – hahaha!

Now the government has reacted and quarantined all “risk groups”.


" Government has announced a lockdown for persons of over 65 years, as well as younger persons with chronic diseases, such as insulin-dependent diabetics, persons making use of biological medicines, persons who have been on chemotherapy in the past six months, persons who suffer from immunosuppression, pregnant women, people with respiratory complications and others who will be identified through a further communication by government. This is to avoid contact with persons who are potentially carrying the virus. These persons are at greater risk and therefore the authorities feel this decision is needed to protect these members of our community. In total, this covers around 118,000 people. This measure comes into force from Saturday morning. The only exception will cover medical necessities.

The second decision gives the Police authority to ask people not to gather in groups larger than five. Ideally, people should not stay in groups of more than a couple, but the Health Superintendent will delegate its authority to police officers to ask groups of more than five to disperse. This decision was taken since despite the ban of organised events, were still gathering in public spaces, with all the risks that this entails. "


Now the solo run on the coastal path at Qala doesn’t just fall into the water because of the rain showers. Fortunately, Johnnie, my “elderly” landlord, was still there to clean the pool, now he has no exit either.


Benna, my nice supermarket lady, can already look forward to my shopping list for the next week and this time I also need toilet paper (the first big pack after 4 weeks)!


Well now I can pimp my wardrobe, sort my Gozo photos and tidy up my PC. I still have 3 unread books and WordPress, FB and haubi.org are still there.


Just knit, I swore to myself, I won’t knit!


Unreasonableness has no Age


A lot has been written and spoken about curfews, bans on contacts and self-isolation throughout Europe in the last few days. The public debate focused on young people who formed groups, groups or celebrated COVID parties in parks, beer gardens and squares. One (including myself) assumed ignorance and anti-social behavior. It was soooo good! But not only young people let their love of life run wild.

On our islands today, two weeks after the introduction of restricted freedom of movement, people complain about a new development. Were ways to work, shopping, bank, pharmacy and doctor OK, otherwise you should take care of the house and keep the family together.


Who do we find today on the park benches and chairs in front of the house in the alleys of our villages?

Old women and men meet for a chat and exchange of information in a convivial atmosphere!

Mass isolation of a special kind, the children and grandchildren are well behaved at home.

I don't think that's in the inventor's interest.

Luckily spring in Gozo pauses and rain and wind spoil the desire for outdoors.


Penalties for violating the ordered quarantine increase daily and are now € 10,000 for infected people found in public spaces! You have to be able to afford that much urge for freedom.


Take care, stay at home and read a book!


Life with COVID 19 on Gozo

The view over Mgarr reflects the location and the feeling of the inhabitants of my small island in the middle of the sea:

Gray is the predominant color at the moment. With the first COVID infected everything changes here!

After a beautiful winter with sun and warmth, fun carnival goings-on and beautiful evenings outside in restaurants and pubs with music with friends, not only does February 2020 end, but also the "easy going" in Gozo.

Here, too, all of the toilet paper suddenly want to hamster and the large supermarkets are also overcrowded during this time. Everyone is panicked, because a lot of goods come from Sicily across the sea. Will the supplies come? In the meantime, that has subsided and reason has returned.

The discussions in the Zepis are also only about the virus: what about the tourists who are currently in Malta? Are there new ones coming and what about those who are now abroad and coming home?

Questions that concern not only the citizens but also the government of Malta. It reacted quickly and banned landings from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France and Spain on day 5 of the first infected. Whether by plane or by ship, entry is not permitted for anyone who does not live in Malta. Anyone who starts their trip to the islands will automatically be put in quarantine at home, whether infected or not. 14 days hotel or apartment instead of the usual week that travelers plan for Malta and Gozo. Quarantine here means not leaving the house, the state of health is checked upon entry and whoever gets caught on trips to the city or the surrounding area really pays for coal! In the beginning 1000 € per person, now 3000 € are due!

This applies to everyone who is sent to home quarantine by the health authority and we are checked daily by the police. Anyone who is not at home needs a good reason.

Despite everything, the number of infected people is increasing, but many are coming back home and have the virus in their luggage. Schools, universities and cultural institutions have been closed for weeks and the towns and cities are almost extinct. Events are canceled and the churches, synagogues and mosques hold the service virtually.

The airport has been closed since Friday, March 21st, 2020, only cargo is taking place and the peace in the sky is eerie!

The ferry to Gozo can only be used on foot for people living here. Most work from home. Keeping distance is also the means of choice here.

Malta a country of delivery service proves itself in the crisis!

Everyday shops in Gozo take orders over the phone and then deliver home in the afternoon. The municipal administrations go online with help platforms and everyone participates:

Help with shopping and doctor visits, online yoga and gym courses, anti stress workshops online, game instructions, private transport and private music videos are on offer. Practiced neighborhood help is very popular here. Now let's see how it goes on.

Hotels, B & Bs and apartments are empty, bookings are zero and cancellations are received every day, even in the otherwise popular private rooms. The rat tail of cleaning aids that are no longer employed, helpers in restaurants, pubs and closed shops, but also the suppliers of these companies are facing difficult times.

As an optimist, it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to look to the future with hope.

Take care and stay healthy!


I don't like to believe it!!!

How ignorant is that! "From now on, should we close the pub ?!" the Cologne scene wonders and quickly gathers for one or more beers in the pack, but let's not forget the Munich party people who had to cuddle up to Lake Starnberg again!

For weeks we have been seeing pictures of keeping distance in China, Italy, France and Spain. Football games were also canceled in Germany, certainly not to prevent physical contact between the players (caution: joke!), But because distance is the means of choice against the spread. Angela and her crew still rely on the common sense of the citizens, but they don't care. Parents complain about the school and daycare closings because they now have to look after their own children, start organizing private children's groups or request emergency services. The general panic is increasing, but the first employers took advantage of the hour (I know that's bad!) And send the employees on short-time work or quit for operational reasons and thus take care of the domestic employment staff.

The situation is serious but not hopeless! Let us use the time at home, to clean up in our own self and in life, to think about God and the world and to use the time for relaxation!

Trains and buses are almost empty. Gyms, swimming pools, shops close. Schools and day care centers are closed. People withdraw to their homes. The corona virus changes all of life. The story shows what people do when Germany stands still.



Pretty lazy the Haubi!?!

Yeah, my life isn't just about website design, writing articles and taking photos. A house with four bedrooms and as many bathrooms on three levels with living, dining area, kitchen, pool and front garden needs to be maintained. Not only when family and friends fill everything with life.


Honestly, I didn't have as much housework as I did here!

You have hardly found a shop that can meet your wishes and requirements and you think if I need something I go there, the next time you visit you find a sign in the shop window with "finally closed" or "moved to ...". A pity....


So I search again and that is connected with time and small tours around the island. But I don't want to complain, it also has its charm of rediscovering the island again and again!


Gardening and creative thrusts to decorate the house and yard are just as important as days of relaxation on the beach. Hikes across the island are also not neglected.


Culture also comes into its own in my life on Gozo. Whether visiting the opera in autumn, this time "Tosca" in the Aurora, concerts in St George's Basilica or jazz night in Zeppi's enrich my evenings, like the meetings with the girls from "The Ladies Night". Interesting conversations with good food are always nice.


Since winter this time goes around Gozo and so far no storms have hit us, but the sun shines down on us every day, I can really enjoy the evenings in front of Zeppi's.

Every now and then a little early morning rain pleases the farmers, but I will probably have to buy water for the pool again this summer. But what's the point, warm days are all worth it!


Spaziergang um Qala im Januar 2020


Do you know Gozo?

In the Maltese winter, from October to April, is the best time, to walk over the island, especially for me and my age. Its not to warm and mostly dry for travelling around. In the last month I found some new places during my walks. Now its time to up date my travel guide for Gozo.

By walking along the seaside from Qala to Nadur I visited the Dahlet Quorot Beach, this nice beach with fishing huts. He offers a food truck in the summer time, in these times I took my lunch with me and enjoyed my break by the sea. This place is not over crowded like Ramla or San Blas and Marsalforn. Will be back in summer for sure.

Next interesting place was discovered with my family and friends, when I was showing them my beautiful island. We were searching a restaurant at the seaside by Xewkija, where we are staying last summer. But no wonder we took the wrong street and were driving a terribly bumpy narrow path along. At its end we reach Mgarr Ix Cini. A beach at the end of a firth. 

This little beach is offside the well-known tourist routes and mostly quiet and unfrequented. One small restaurant offers in the season good food and drinks one told us. From this beach I will talk to my guests in the season.  We went back to Sanat and the next journey stop was Xlendi. Here we have had lunch. 

By the way I found the direction to the Tal-Mixta Cave. When you are staying in the Ramla Bay you see it on the right site on the kliff. Its opposite from Calypso Cave and gives an idea from the broken one. It offered protection for the farmers in the past, its used now for healing celebrations, joga courses or music meetings. You have a great view over Ramla Bay and the sea. A good place for a private picknick, out of the season. 

This all you find in the Gozo Guide in my website category "My Gozo" a lot of new recommends for restaurants as well. Have a look and give a feedback please.


Waking from the Hibernation

Don't worry, I still alive! The stormy weather with heavy rain, thunder and strong wind is over now and the quiet, cozy, warm and sunny days are back to the island.

During the last weeks I was working in the house. I decorated my home with up cycled furniture, self-made carpet and new curtains and started with gardening to get my own herbs, salat, vegetables in the next weeks. The sunny days in the winter, yes we have had a lot of them, I enjoyed with walks around the island, visiting Victoria and the other villages, preferential these by the seaside. I found some new places to be.

Of course, I have had guests in my home in this time. Taking care of them was a pleasure and not an obligation. Especially the days with Family & Friends made my life happy!

My daily coffee break at Zeppi’s and also the music event at night, the meeting with the lovely ladies from the Ladies Nights, the evenings with my friends in Gozo and not least the visit by the Horse Riding Farm make my life in Qala perfect!



OH, I'm sooo busy! ......

Since January 2017, I have been immersed in the life of the small village community of Qala. My days are determined by shopping in the village shop of Benna, my cappuccino break in Zeppi’s pub, cleaning up guest rooms, linen and towels wash, decorate guest rooms, to maintain the herb garden in the forecourt, the vegetable garden and the roof terrace and the plants at the pool.

Fortunately, I’m a privileged maid with a private pool that can make a refreshing break!

In between there are small parties with the guests at the pool, a drink with the neighbors or a social evening with the girls at the Ladies Night, a nice round consisting of ladies from Great Britain, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Malta. We meet twice a month to rattle, have fun and to test the gastronomy of the island. This way, a woman can get to know the island differently.

After completing my work in the winter, the Gozo Guide, the next project was on. New furniture is needed in the house, so I dedicated myself to the IKEA catalog to find something new for my “Little Lighthouse”, the 2nd guest room. The old furniture was rocked and the result of my work is impressive!

From photo and small decorative materials became a collage and now shows what I mean by a maritime look. In real life there is no lighthouse on the Ramla Bay of Gozo, but what does an artistic person care about that, right?

But what does a woman do with the old furniture if she does not get it down the narrow spiral staircase to the ground floor? She gets her onto the roof terrace and gives herself up-cycling.

The dresser became a plant bed and the bed became a large sunbed. Even though I do not have a green thumb, most seeds have risen and the first tomatoes are growing and thriving.


My Gozo Guide is ready

After a year on the island and many excursions across the island, it was time to take a look at the impressions. My guests had the year many questions, practical, informative but also after living in Gozo. The usual travel guides of the island are quite nice, but also somewhat dusty.  My first idea was to create a photobook. But first it is quite expensive and secondly, the topicality leaves a year to be desired. Why shouldn't I use the new media and design a website?

Anyone who knows me knows, there is not much time between idea and realisation. So now the German version was ready.  The counterpart in English is following now.


Go to My Gozo and have fun by reading!


Wy Gozo?

Everyone asked me this question when I moved from a small town, just a few kilometres from Munich city, to the small island in the Mediterranean. The answer I want to give with this very personal guide. As a city-plant from Berlin to the village?  That was a challenge for me. But I quickly realized: No comparison with the villages in Upper Bavaria. The mix makes the difference. Locals, residents from all over the world, holidaymakers and especially young people on their trips around the world are responsible for the flair of the island. My first year in Gozo gave me time and opportunity to explore the villages, their festivities, leisure activities around the year. To enjoy the urban life in Victoria and the "way Of Life "to get to know the foreign community was on the agenda. That's all I want to show you. Follow my footsteps in Gozo. 

Have fun, your Rita


A normal day of mine....

None, a new day starts on Gozo and it's me who wake up early, because new guests will arrive today. The room for them is free since yesterday and the cleanning is finish. Only the sheets and towels are hanging on the line over night. When you will iron the sheets you must start at 7 AM, because later it will be hot in this time. Buhh, I'm finish and take a little break in the pool to cool down. A cup of coffee and a sweet for breakfast, dress up for shopping and I leave the house

at 8:30 AM walking down in the village to the little supermarket. Bread, butter and milk, cheese, eggs, baccon, juice, coffee, sugar, flower, liquid washing, water bottles and vin and, and, and .... Here you find anythings. I collect together any needs and visit the butcher in the back for fresh meet. There is always time for a small talk to Bene, the shop owner. She will deliver my things in her break at 2 PM at home, that's the normal service on Gozo.

Next I step in by Michael's for fresh fruits and vegetables. The bells on St. Joseph beats 10 AM and a break by Zeppi's is a to do! I meet friends and get news about village and events. 

A cool water and nice cappuccino and I'm ready to move on my little hill!

Back at home I go in the pool again - what a fun to have it!!! After clean up the living room, kitchen and pool area, I visit my sunbed in the shadow for relaxing. The guests are on the way and will stand in front of the door at 3 PM. Before I sleep in, the bell rings and Bene is there with the delivery - excellent!

Preparing coffee and put the dishes and biscuits on the desk at the pool - I'm ready for welcome.

The guys from Estonia arrive just in time. A young couple from the north is happy about a cool water and cup of coffee, meanwile I tell about the house and the tools for use. I recognize the boy doesn't understood English and the girl  has problems by translation- mhm, this will be a funny conservation next days. I show them the places to use und bring they up to the guestroom. Now my job is done and it's 4:30 PM.

Relaxing is my to do now. Staying at/in the pool, watching TV and waiting for the night by a glas of wine - cheers!



Full furnished house - I like it?

This question doesn't let my sleep a long time. I want a personally surrroundings where I live. In the past I have changed the style every three years and love experiments. Now I will live in a completed house, where from the toilette brush to the sunbed anything is their.

A really problem of mine! How I find a solution I will tell you here....


Okay, I could have an idea from my new life when I came in the house of Qala the first time.

The decoration, the paintings and the household goods will be change, because my things are arriving soon.

My landlord let my do and I started with my work.  The bedroom at the basement I don't need and it is now my dinning room. The table and chairs leave the kitchen, because I need a space for my office. 

The chouches and the living area is really old fashion.


Befor upper the house:


After my work:

 I started working and take apart one twin bed und upholstered the other as a daily bed, witch is using by Mieze for sleeping and dreaming about her trips and discoveries in the surerounding.

The wardbroabs, sideboard and nightstands changed from the bedroom to the kitchen and build now my office. Their for the table, chairs, vine board and foodcards left the kitchen and my dinning room with daily bd was finished. The ensiute douch/ WC is now us by guests and swimmers.

New pillow covers upper the seating and new curtains and black showcase and couch table in glas and metal completed the ensemble und push the style from old to modern. Where are they from? The well known swedish furnisher company is the answer! They are on Malta too? No. not really, but theire for we have the "Maltashopper", the best solution for styling your home by seatting on the sofa.


with a click at the picture the Maltashopper starts
with a click at the picture the Maltashopper starts

Registrated at the website you can surf through the catalog of IKEA Italy. Your decision will be ordered for next deadline, the delievery organize for shipping and send by ship from Sicilia to Malta. You get the confirmation sheet by email about the goods are in stock and when it will arrive at your address. If something is missing these will come at the next delievery date. You only pay for shipping, the tour from Malta to your home is for free.

I changed my home styling from the basement to the roof in three month. I thing it looks good!





Where I stow the things of the owner? I collected them in boxes and builded a storeroom by shelves in the second living area and they are invisible!



Go to Victoria

Shopping on Gozo will be planed. When runs the bus? I take them at 9:12 AM to Imgarr, the harbour. Here I change the bus to Victoria, because I don't like the way through the hills, the route is long and boring. 

Fourty minutes later I arrive the bus terminal in the middle of Victoria.


At first I go to "Coffee Break" my cappuccino is waiting their and a small talk with the brothers of the "Victoria Garage" by site as well.


I will invite you for a tour through the town, do you will following me?


We leave the coffee shop and walk up to the Place St. Francis, where we find the Victoria Hospital, the Church  and the Ministry of Gozo. Here you find the ID Registations office, when you will stay at Malta permanently, but also bars, restaurants and shops. Across the place we following the Triq Vajringa to the public libary and go through the Triq Karita to St. Gorg. The walk along the alley you find nice decorated entrances and houses with balconies, little monuments and gardens - you get an idea  of typical town houses.  A view in the church give you an imagination of maltasian culture. At the place in front you find good restaurants and nice shops.

My goal is the Liqueurshop&Tabacciria, no wonder(?), to grownup my wine and zigarette depot at home.

A point of interest is also the choclate shop and the fine food store where you find tasty food from Malta, Gozo and Italy.

When you are shopping on Gozo you must have a look at your watch, because the shops close from 12:30: to 16:30 PM! We use these time for lunch, their are a lot of restaurants and you can choise a new one by any trip to Victoria.

First we walk around the alleys to the Indepence Place and don't forget to enter the family shops - you find here anythings you need for house and garden.  In different shops you find elegance and crazy of clothing, shoes, hats, but also tailors, backeries or little supermarkets.

A visite in the round building at Independence Place is fine to have a look at the exhibition their. Nearby you find the citadell, also a place of interest.



Even by staying in Victoria I visite the ATM because Qala don't have someone. Then I take place at "Cafe Royal" to take a icecream - it's hot today. 



 Please have a look at the big cappuccino of 5 EUR!

Refreshed and reloaded we cross the place to Triq ir Republica, the main road of Victoria.

We stop by "The Duke" a small mall in town. My goal is the "Lighthouse Supermarket".

Here I buy anything for the next month collected at one place - washing powder, cleaner, water for drinking, pets good, house goods and all for coocking and backering as well. It's like a little TOOM in Olching I remember. All in one store and they deliever at home in the evening.

After that a little tour through the mall. A look at the new collection of "Georg" or new shoes from Italy?


Again in the street we pass the "Fontana", the Gozo Museum, the education center and the "Arcadia", the second mall of Victoria. Here you will find woman chic from Italy and UK, but also bedding, curtains, items for the bathroom, dishes and........

The malls don't make a break and the Arcadia is open on Sunday as well from 7 AM to 8 PM each day.

If you go down to the big round about you find store of furniture, IT equipment and anythings for house and garden.

You find all what you need in Victoria, for sure!

On the way back to the bus terminal we cross the public garden and finish the day trip with a dinner and a glas of wine, befor we take the taxi to Qala.



Welcome the first guests

Since the beginning of March my offer on AIRBNB started and how wunder, the interest of my country house with his private rooms don't let me sleep anymore. It's crazy, but the most requests reach me after 10 PM. I don't know why?


My first booking reached me at 4 AM, an Austrialien will book a room from end of April to end of June - Wow, I earn money for the rent by spleeping......


I'm waiting for the first guests at April the 1. and I hope this is not an April juke.  Still then, I have lot to do.


Their are three bedrooms, four bathroom, two living rooms, a dinning room and the kitchen to clean up. Don't talk about the ten windows, two terrace doors and the pool area.


This house is mutch bigger as a small flat in Olching.



Of course I go to Victoria, the capital of Gozo, because I find a lot of things for the house.


And meanwile I change, restore or build new furnitures, but about this I will talk in another blog.


Is this the answer of the question "What are you doing on Gozo"? 



Hello from Qala

Now I’m staying still 4. January on Gozo and be very happy to announce “I arrived!”

The first two weeks I was in Xargha by Alexandras beautiful home “Paradise Gardens” for searching about stores for Fleckys food, supermarkets which deliver at home and stores for room equipment, as curtains, coverts for arm chairs and sofas. I found a lot off! 

But my first appointment was, to meet Kathya from Frank Salt Estate and she offers 3 objects which compare to my preferences. The 1. Was nice but at the cliffs, windy and cold in winter times, the 2. old and dark, but the 3. was really nice and exactly what I want: My house on Gozo!

It is in Qala at the South/East coast of Gozo. The view from the balcony goes over the channel to Malta. The harbour Imgarr is nearby and you have a short trip to Malta.

A local bus brings you in 20 minutes to Victoria, the capital of Gozo. In summer, you will arrive the Hondoq Bay by a little walk. Here you can swim and lie at a sandy beach. Nearby the house, you find the bus stop and the market place with the big church, some restaurants and bars. There are as well shops, hairdresser, butcher and supermarkets. What I need more?!

 You find in the house 3 bedrooms, all with Douches/WC, a living room with open kitchen and entrance to the pool area, another room, in the past the 4. bedroom, this will be my dining room.

In the first floor, you find 2 bedrooms and a lounge with library, a balcony let you see over the village and the sea. A spiral staircase leads to another bedroom and to the roof terrace.

The furniture is not modern, but the dark wood you find everywhere on Gozo. With new covers for the arm chairs and sofas, my own pictures and books, new curtains, pillows and decoration it will be a cozy home.

My landlord is a friendly, helpfully British man. He organized the Internet provider, electrician and pool boy for the next days and I can switch from the “Paradise Gardens” to “The Cigrit”, my new sweet home.


Just AVAILABLE on gozo!

Just ready, the contract for my new home is signed! Running fast? You will ask. Here everything is possible.


On Monday I met Kathya from Frank Salt Estate and she offers 3 objects which compare to my preferences. The 1. Was nice but at the cliffs, windy and cold in winter times, the 2. old and dark, but the 3. was really nice and exactly what I want: My house on Gozo!

It is in Qala at the South/East coast of Gozo. The view from the balcony goes over the channel to Malta. The harbour Imgarr is nearby and you have a short trip to Malta.

A local bus brings you in 20 minutes to Victoria, the capital of Gozo. In summer, you will arrive the Hondoq Bay by a little walk. Here you can swim and lie at a sandy beach. Nearby the house, you find the bus stop and the market place with the big church, some restaurants and bars. There are as well shops, hairdresser, butcher and supermarkets. What I need more?!

You find in the house 3 bedrooms, all with Douches/WC, a living room with open kitchen and entrance to the pool area, another room, in the past the 4. bedroom, this will be my dining room.

In the first floor, you find 2 bedrooms and a lounge with library, a balcony let you see over the village and the sea. A spiral staircase leads to another bedroom and to the roof terrace.

The furniture is not modern, but the dark wood you find everywhere on Gozo. With new covers for the arm chairs and sofas, my own pictures and books, new curtains, pillows and decoration it will be a cozy home.

My landlord is a friendly, helpfully British man. He organized the Internet provider, electrician and pool boy for the next days and I can switch from the “Paradise Gardens” to “The Cigrit”, my new sweet home.


My way to gozo

During a cruises I visited Malta first in 2008. I am impressed of the history, the street life and of course the warm and sunny weather in November. Back at home I started to read a lot about Malta. If you google “Malta” you find many web sides, which inform about living and working on Malta.

You will read there, that you a lot of money spend to let a home or for food and leisure because the income is smaller as in Germany. But when you retire and take your pension it will be enough for a good live. More information and tips you find here in my blog.


Over the years I got an idea from lifestyle at Malta and I feel good by thinking about living there, when I start my retirement. In the next years I visited the main island again and found my best place for life at Gozo.


I like the social life in the small villages and the leisurely way of live. In this year I went to Gozo, to get more details to realize my plan.

Twelve days on Gozo: sun, breeze and interesting impressions I could collected.

The 4 stars Hotel Cornucopia in Xagrha(Schaarah) was my base for my exploring.

Not at all the hotel with its pretty ambience and comfort, the little town was also a highlight. The busy marketplace with bars, restaurant, shops and its big church were used for meetings and relaxing.

Two bus lines connecting the town with Victoria, the main town, Marsalforn the harbour in the northeast, Mgarr, the harbour in the south and point of the ferry to Malta. Excellent!

The local buses connecting every towns, the price is low and I don’t need a car.

Driving I don’t prefer, because the streets are narrow and always on the left?

precipitous coasts, pretty bays, towns on the top of the hill and valleys between with farmland, that is Gozo.

At Ramla Bay you find a nice beach, a dream!

Whether lunch at Marsalforn Bay or coffee time at the button of the citadel of Victoria, from Xaghra you reach everything in twenty minutes by bus – easy going on Gozo!


After twelve days I can say: A Good Place for Life!