Do you know Gozo?

In the Maltese winter, from October to April, is the best time, to walk over the island, especially for me and my age. Its not to warm and mostly dry for travelling around. In the last month I found some new places during my walks. Now its time to up date my travel guide for Gozo.

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Waking from the Hibernation

Don't worry, I still alive! The stormy weather with heavy rain, thunder and strong wind is over now and the quiet, cozy, warm and sunny days are back to the island.

During the last weeks I was working in the house. I decorated my home with up cycled furniture, self-made carpet and new curtains and started with gardening to get my own herbs, salat, vegetables in the next weeks. The sunny days in the winter, yes we have had a lot of them, I enjoyed with walks around the island, visiting Victoria and the other villages, preferential these by the seaside. I found some new places to be.

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OH, I'm sooo busy! ......

Since January 2017, I have been immersed in the life of the small village community of Qala. My days are determined by shopping in the village shop of Benna, my cappuccino break in Zeppi’s pub, cleaning up guest rooms, linen and towels wash, decorate guest rooms, to maintain the herb garden in the forecourt, the vegetable garden and the roof terrace and the plants at the pool.

Fortunately, I’m a privileged maid with a private pool that can make a refreshing break!

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My Gozo Guide is ready

After a year on the island and many excursions across the island, it was time to take a look at the impressions. My guests had the year many questions, practical, informative but also after living in Gozo. The usual travel guides of the island are quite nice, but also somewhat dusty.  My first idea was to create a photobook. But first it is quite expensive and secondly, the topicality leaves a year to be desired. Why shouldn't I use the new media and design a website?

Anyone who knows me knows, there is not much time between idea and realisation. So now the German version was ready.  The counterpart in English is following now.


Go to My Gozo and have fun by reading!

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Wy Gozo?

Everyone asked me this question when I moved from a small town, just a few kilometres from Munich city, to the small island in the Mediterranean. The answer I want to give with this very personal guide. As a city-plant from Berlin to the village?  That was a challenge for me. But I quickly realized: No comparison with the villages in Upper Bavaria. The mix makes the difference. Locals, residents from all over the world, holidaymakers and especially young people on their trips around the world are responsible for the flair of the island. My first year in Gozo gave me time and opportunity to explore the villages, their festivities, leisure activities around the year. To enjoy the urban life in Victoria and the "way Of Life "to get to know the foreign community was on the agenda. That's all I want to show you. Follow my footsteps in Gozo. 

Have fun, your Rita

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A normal day of mine....

None, a new day starts on Gozo and it's me who wake up early, because new guests will arrive today. The room for them is free since yesterday and the cleanning is finish. Only the sheets and towels are hanging on the line over night. When you will iron the sheets you must start at 7 AM, because later it will be hot in this time. Buhh, I'm finish and take a little break in the pool to cool down. A cup of coffee and a sweet for breakfast, dress up for shopping and I leave the house

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Full furnished house - I like it?

This question doesn't let my sleep a long time. I want a personally surrroundings where I live. In the past I have changed the style every three years and love experiments. Now I will live in a completed house, where from the toilette brush to the sunbed anything is their.

A really problem of mine! How I find a solution I will tell you here....


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Go to Victoria

Shopping on Gozo will be planed. When runs the bus? I take them at 9:12 AM to Imgarr, the harbour. Here I change the bus to Victoria, because I don't like the way through the hills, the route is long and boring. 

Fourty minutes later I arrive the bus terminal in the middle of Victoria.


At first I go to "Coffee Break" my cappuccino is waiting their and a small talk with the brothers of the "Victoria Garage" by site as well.


I will invite you for a tour through the town, do you will following me?

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Welcome the first guests

Since the beginning of March my offer on AIRBNB started and how wunder, the interest of my country house with his private rooms don't let me sleep anymore. It's crazy, but the most requests reach me after 10 PM. I don't know why?


My first booking reached me at 4 AM, an Austrialien will book a room from end of April to end of June - Wow, I earn money for the rent by spleeping......


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Hello from Qala

Now I’m staying still 4. January on Gozo and be very happy to announce “I arrived!”

The first two weeks I was in Xargha by Alexandras beautiful home “Paradise Gardens” for searching about stores for Fleckys food, supermarkets which deliver at home and stores for room equipment, as curtains, coverts for arm chairs and sofas. I found a lot off! 

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Just AVAILABLE on gozo!

Just ready, the contract for my new home is signed! Running fast? You will ask. Here everything is possible.


On Monday I met Kathya from Frank Salt Estate and she offers 3 objects which compare to my preferences. The 1. Was nice but at the cliffs, windy and cold in winter times, the 2. old and dark, but the 3. was really nice and exactly what I want: My house on Gozo!

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My way to gozo

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