Rita's Coffee Break
News · 23. February 2022
During the last month I recognized an on coming interest of people to learn German on Malta. Perhaps they saw more German-speaking people than residents and visitors to the islands, or they saw the need for another European language in the industry. However, it's never bad to learn something new. "German Coffee Break" is learning German on the easy way.

New Clothes not only for you
News · 19. February 2022
No one goes to the gala or the office in sportswear, right? Why the hell do we find outdated data, long-gone events, and an old-fashioned look on websites and Facebook. Social media is the showcase of our time.

Next destination maybe Gozo?
News · 13. February 2022
Gozo, Malta's little sister, is more than a rock in the middle of the Mediterranean. It has picturesque villages, the bustling island capital of Victoria, monuments from 7000 years of history, beaches, friendly residents and happy festivals. Gozo is worth a trip!

Time Goes By
News · 20. December 2021
If you rent a house in Malta, you will recognize the cultural differences at the latest when your landlord wants to sell the house. English men see things differently than German women.

Powerful – Independent – Adorable
News · 14. March 2021
When woman lands on Gozo, her path certainly leads ins Zeppi’s in Qala. Why? The “Mundpropaganda”* does not let anyone pass this meeting place on Gozo. The owner and her team are a guarantee for a nice day or entertaining evening. Sonia Xerri is an extraordinary woman and with her I would like to start my series “Strong – Independent- Lovely: Gozo’s Women”.

Happy Birthday
News · 08. March 2021
110 years ago, in March 1911, the 1st International Women’s Day in Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the USA. What has become of the demands, what has been achieved and what has not changed so far? Politically, the program was for women to have the right to vote and to stand as a candidate, socially it was about equality and participation in public and economic life, the abolition of child labour, better salary and decent housing for all. Well, then we did it! We do?

My view of life
News · 24. February 2021
Women & men ....

Creativity in Pandemic Times
News · 23. February 2021
One is kitting for the family, I renovate my Media.

Face lifting of Gozo News
News · 02. February 2021 has a new look. The name Gozo News remains, but a lot has changed.

Gozo in COVID mode - Skewered (2)
News · 13. July 2020
Everyday situations around the COVID pandemic on Gozo are impaled here from my point of view. My first visit to Victoria when the Covid measures be relaxed.

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