My new Business


Turn a hobby into a business idea

I took my first steps into computer science in 1985 with the first IBM program for personal computers, when I was developing the administration and accounting of the investments for an insurance company. It was a long time!

In 1987 I opened a plus size women's clothing store and found that there were no management programs for small businesses. I had to change that for my shop and developed an accounting program with integrated purchasing, sales and warehousing in the MS-DOS operating system. The tax office recognized my balance sheet and P&L, hell! I should have marketed the program instead of selling fashion.

I closed the business in the late 90's and worked in the finance sector of international companies. I worked with different ERP & CMR programs in the finance sector and I loved it.

As a financial accountant, I had a lot more time for my second love: traveling around the world. 2002 I created my first homepage and blog for telling stories about my travels around the world. 

Now I am retired and have time to help interested people to collect, organize and maintain  data for their internet presence. Back to the roots, only more modern and professional.

The beginning of SmartSolutions.