What is my motivation?

In recent years in Gozo I have met many people who have very strange opinions about Germans

When I started on Gozo my neighbors had problems to find out where I came from. They didn't located me to Germany, not of my wordings, my pronunciation, or my style.

What happend? Red hair, funky dresses, always laughing and renting a big house in Qala - who she is?

Nobody put me in the German box - to funny, to crazy and to independent for a German.

What is typical for Germans?

  • Germans obey rules, whether they understand them or how silly they find them.
  • Germans think that stinginess is cool.
  • Germans like to play it safe.
  • Germans are seen as orderly, disciplined and punctual. They are considered to be detailed and accurate.
  • Germans are considered to be organized, hardworking, efficient, impatient and meticulous.
  • Germans don't enjoy small talk much.
  • Germans love their pets!
  • Germans like to watch football and love sports. Football is a substitute religion in Germany.
  • Germans are friendly.
  • Germans are not spontaneous. Spontaneous visits are rather undesirable. They plan everything, sometimes weeks and months in advance. 
  • Germans don't understand jokes. Some of them are humorless.
  • In discussions, Germans are often “about the principle”.
  • Germany loves signs. For everything. Safety comes first!
  • The German diligently pays his taxes.
  • In Germany there is insurance for everything. (Everything can happen.)
  • In Germany there are many rules and many who make sure that rules are observed.
  • In Germany, bureaucracy and rules are paramount. There is an application or form for almost everything. A permit is required for many things. (Because there is no form for the revolution, there is no such thing.)
  • It has to be quiet at night, otherwise the police will be called.
  • When Germans say they meet at 3:03 p.m., they also meet at 3:03 p.m.
  • Designer clothes and discounter plastic bags are not a contradiction in terms.
  • Germans always “have to” do a lot. You have to go to work, go shopping or go to the doctor.
  • German traffic light men are unique.
  • Germans greet each other with a handshake or hug.
  • Germans stop at red traffic lights, even if it's 3 a.m. and there's nothing going on on the street.
  • Germans fold their toilet paper.
  • Germans flirt by looking away and ignoring. Sometimes it takes hours to take the first step.
  • Germans go to the dentist once a year and get their stamp.
  • Germans always have slippers for visitors.
  • Germans often have a problem with being German.
  • Germans crochet an overcoat for the toilet paper.
  • German cashiers scan very quickly.
  • German children's fairy tales can be very brutal.
  • Germans can always talk about the weather.
  • Germans love Mallorca.
  • Germans love cash. They like to pay cash.
  • Germans seem to have a right to vacation.
  • Germans tend to be pessimistic.
  • Germans love to travel.
  • Germans like to stand in line.
  • Germans like to accuse other Germans of being “typically German”.
  • Germans like to dress conservatively or functionally.

This listing doesn't end, you can find more on BedeutungOnline by Pierre where I found this, thank you for this brilliant work!

Do you know someone who is like this? I have to agree with some of the list and not with some, but I'm not a perfect German woman either.

My neighbors agree, too, because they put me in Belgium because I have a lot of French friends, am funny and love small talk.

I live very well with their decision.


With my new project "German Kaffee-Klatsch" I will show you the other side of Germans, like  I am