About Me

Find out where I come from and who I am

Story of my live

Born 68 years ago, I started my journey in Berlin and discovered Germany with my family. I got stranded in Munich via Bensheim and Düsseldorf. I lived there for more than 40 years and found my professional life. In the end, I retired as a Senior Finance Analyst in 2016.


This was only part of my life. On my trip I often saw children and families in poor living conditions and I was not happy about that. I have to do something about it. I've developed into a political person. I became a member of the Social Democratic Party and started my work in the youth organization to change living conditions for the better.

I realized that demonstrations and education are important, but it takes more to really change something. I became a candidate and was a member of the local city council and district parliament.It was a great time and I've had some success, but my personal life almost ceased to exist.



Change is life, was always my motto, 8 years later I left everything behind and stared at traveling around the world. During this time I also changed my job and then worked in Germany for companies from Sweden, Japan and the USA.

Where I stand for

Independence is very important to me. As a single, I have been responsible for my entire life as a citizen, employee and traveler.


Respect for other people, cultures and nationalities is a must. It is interesting to find out what others think, love and what their dreams are.


Openness : in my view is listening to arguments, having good discussions and accepting other positions.


Seriousness for me means honesty, reliability and compliance with rules, in thinking and acting, whether private or business. 


Self-reflection to get better is important. I too have mistakes, am too impatient, smoke too much and can get angry. I know that and am working on it.

My dreams

When I was in Munich, I dreamed of sun and a quiet life in the south. Now it is a reality with my house in Qala on my beloved Gozo. 


For the past 4 years I have welcomed people from all over my home and they made me a part of their lives. They came as strangers and left me as friends.


I will be growing my small business to make money traveling during the winter season.


In the next year I would like to travel to Asia to get new impressions as I only collected an overview on a cruise in 2015.


Everyone has dreams, don't they?