My Gozo Travel Guide

is for everyone who wants to discover Gozo, is looking for information about the island, but is also traveling as a single and would like to get to know Gozo from the perspective of an older lady. I live here and come from Germany.

Discover Gozo

Where are the most beautiful churches, the best restaurants, the most beautiful beaches? Which place suits me?

Is something going on here? Gozo is supposed to be so calm. Bus, taxi and the like, how do I get to Gozo? Is there more here than the sea?

These questions are asked before every trip. I would therefore like to describe the places on Gozo and help with the decision.

Gozo Aktiv

My suggestions for the enterprising:

Sports, guided tours or sight-seeing for all ages & Gozo event calendar for Fiesta fans & my hikes in Gozo


What is important for a successful vacation?

Good food, nice shopping, entertaining evenings in the open air.

Here are my suggestions for a successful vacation.

on road

You can explore the island by bus, taxi or by car and motorcycle, all a question of price. Where to find what and how much it costs, as well as everything about ferries and their conditions can be found here.

  • City & Villages
  • Beaches
  • Places to be
  • Activities
  • Events
  • Walks
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Shops
  • Busses
  • Taxis
  • Car rental
  • Ferries

There is a free update every year