The village of Qala (Aala) is located in the southeast of Gozo and is now my new home. The development of the village began as early as the 15th century with the construction of the watchtower and the cannon battery over the Hondoq Bay. Today it has spread to the area between Nadur and Mgarr. With town houses and farmhouses, orchards and vegetable gardens and oranges, lemons and mandarin trees. It has everything I could ask for. Small shops that deliver the goods to my home, good restaurants on the large square around St. Joseph's Church, the horse farm, the Zeppi's bar, the meeting place for Gozitans, newcomers and vacationers. The beach at Hondoq Bay also invites me to swim from April to November. The countless clubs form the heart of the village. The festa in August, BBQ on the village square or the international folklore festival in October are inconceivable without the clubs. Dinner at "The Stables", once a month during the summer or colorful activities during the carnival - it never gets boring here. In July, the night of the Hondoq Festival rises with bands and dancing on Hondoq Beach.