The village is in the northeast and is mostly lively and crowded in summer. The residents live from and with the tourists. The holiday homes are located above the coastal road and are empty from November to April. B&Bs, guest houses and hotels are also open in winter. Originally it was the island's main port. The first to live here came to Gozo from Sicily at the time of the Romans. Saint Paul is said to be stranded here on the way to Rome. The village church is dedicated to his shipwreck. The importance of the port in the 16th century meant that the Order of Knights in Malta decided to give up the citadel in Victoria and build a new fortress here. Since the Gozitans did not want to pay for it, the plan was not implemented. Today life takes place on the promenade. The small sandy beach in front of the Hotel Calypso is popular and the restaurants around the harbor vie for guests in the evening. If you follow the coastal road you will come to the beaches of Qbajjar and Xwejni Bay. A beautiful resort with lots of opportunities for water sports.