The island's capital, called Rabat by Gozitans, has an urban flair. Based on the Citadel, the old city at the time of the knights, the old town extends to the new city in the south. Today it presents itself as the center of the island with an infrastructure of good standard. The bus station called Victoria Bay is in the middle and connects all places on the island. The spiritual and cultural center of the city is located between the Episcopal Church of St. Marija in the Citadel, the Basilica of Saint Gorg and the Church of St. Francis. As everywhere in Gozo, the parishes have a great influence. Their brass bands are the origin of the philharmonic choirs and orchestras in both opera houses. With guest appearances by Maltese artists working at opera houses around the world, amazing performances of operettas, operas or musicals, as well as concerts in spring and fall, are possible. Not to mention the Don Bosco concert hall, which also hosts extraordinary performances. The streets and alleys of the old town lie around Independence Square below the citadel. Here you will find the morning market, small shops full of goods, sometimes bizarre in shape and offer, sometimes full of utensils, but also quite elegant from shoes to hats. A visit is always worthwhile. If you follow Republic Street into the new city, you'll find elegant fashion and shoe stores, The Duke and Arkadia shopping malls, interior design, furniture and more. You can take time out at Villa Rundle Garden, Victoria's city park.