Trip to Gozo

Why Gozo?

Everyone asked me this question when i moved from a small town just a few miles from Munich to the small island in the Mediterranean.


I went to Malta for the first time in 2010 while on a cruise. I was impressed by the history, the street life and of course the warm and sunny weather in November.

When I got home I read a lot about Malta.


Over the years I got an idea of the lifestyle in Malta and I really liked it. I could imagine living there when I retire. In the next few years I visited the main island again. But I decided to live in Gozo. I like the social life in the small villages and the leisurely way of life.


Twelve days on Gozo: sun, breeze and interesting impressions, that's vacation!

Steep coasts, pretty bays, villages on the hills and in the valleys, farmland in between, that is Gozo. Ramla Bay has a beautiful beach! Whether lunch in Marsalforn Bay, drinking coffee at the foot of the Citadel of Victoria or dinner in the church square in Xaghra - everything is accessible by bus - everything is very easy on Gozo!

Gozo is definitely worth a trip!