New Clothes not only for you

No one goes to the gala or the office in sportswear, right?


Why the hell do we find outdated data, long-gone events, and an old-fashioned look on websites and Facebook.  Social media is the showcase of our time.

Lately, when the first flowers stick their heads out of the ground, we think of new style, new haircut and fashionable clothes, right?


But not only we need a “refurbishment”, it is also necessary for the presentation of our social media.

A chic website that is informative and describes the person and the business, conveys the motivation of the owner and presents products. Combined with a corresponding business page in Facebook, this is now what needs to be done. Of course, the most important thing should not be missing, namely the one who keeps the media up to date: It’s me! All in the sense of a work-life balance for you.


With my new company Smart><Solutions by Rita Haubenreisser I help you to end the chaos and develop, implement and above all I get a uniform structure in your media.


You remember my Gozo news in the past, look at the new one and you understand what I mean. Anyway, the first step is self-reflection, right?


Invest your new free time for family and friends, I take care of your social media faces. Or take them for a holiday, maybe on Gozo and take a coffee break in my house, everything is possible. But don’t miss a look at my online Gozo travel guide.  You can buy access for little money with good value for money. Give it a try!


I’ve been working hard this winter, what else should I do, for a better social media presence of mine.  I am happy to help you.

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