Next destination maybe Gozo?

Get to know it, first with my guide

It's winter and the evenings are long and don't always invite you to go out. Again, it can storm and then a cold wind sweeps over the sea through the streets. But what does cold mean here, as it is usually more than 12C at night. What could be more obvious than to summarize the experiences of the past summers in a travel guide for the inclined audience. Here is the result and can be purchased in my shop.

Why not write a web-based travel guide, I thought! Time runs out quickly and a travel guide is quickly outdated and dusty in the closet. With each new trip, the unused library gets bigger, but it doesn't have to be. 

Mine continues to grow with every new piece of Gozo I discover, every restaurant or shop that opens or closes, and new transportation, activities, and events I find and attend on the small island. If you buy access to my travel guide and 5€ is not much for my mental work, you will find these updates immortalized in it in every upcoming travel season.

Would you like a foretaste? I did some tinkering and created an interactive Gozo map and I'm pretty proud of it. With this link you can already look, which can be read in my travel guide. 

Have fun trying it out!


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