Time Goes By

Nothing is forever that is my motto. After great 4 years as a host I closed my doors in Qala. In 2020, along with COVID, came the message from my landlord: "I'm going to sell the house". The trouble started with interested people coming to the house twice a week. I only clean a four bedroom house anymore. 

It was difficult to match holiday visitors with home visits.  I hated this situation and I decided to change this radical.

Beginning 2021 I started searching for a new home. An old townhouse with garden and two bed rooms will be enough to me and family&friends.  This was not easy but with support of my Fb friends and neighbors I found what I want.


Sorry Qala, you did not can offer it, Xewkija should be my new home.

 With this decision the trouble started.

I had a five year contract with rules in cases of house sale, but my landlord only picked out what he needed. We've had a lot of discussions about when I can move and what furniture I've bought I can take with me. What could be the compensation for things I bought and left there.

Meanwhile the sale was going on and my new home was finish for movement. Generous as I was, I offered to rent out the rooms through my AirBnB account until further notice. He agreed and I moved to Xewkija.


I can tell you this compensation was my biggest mistake I've made in the past. He earned much more in this time but was always complaining when he must do something what we had  deal for.

My former landlord disturbed the guest's privacy, the cleaning was poor and I also lost my super host status. Thank goodness the house was sold at the end of September and I'm still waiting for compensation now.


Be careful if you be generous my dear!

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