Creativity in Pandemic Times

Some paint, write poetry, make decorations, clean up the basement or knit for the family, none of this is for me!

I sit in the sun in front of the Zeppis, watch what is happening around me, think about life and discuss the world and its shortcomings. Then I go home and write about what I have heard, experience and thought about.


If the weather does not recommend a trip to the village, if it is windy to stormy and the cold wind whistles around the houses, then the best ideas come to me as to what I can do with myself and my time.

I start renovating my website - a face lift never hurts - thought, done and then it goes on.


My Gozo travel guide, originally made for my holiday guests, also needs to be supplemented and rebuilt. What speaks against it, presenting all media in a uniform look, I thought to myself like an interior designer who wants to bring a ruin back to life.

Not long torch and work begins. 

Typically, Rita not only the exterior is renewed, no, the contents are also in need of renovation. Reminds me of my German essays, while reading through it always came up with something new.


While I am at it, Facebook can adjust it right away. Very busy, time goes by quickly in Gozo in winter.


Spring is here and I am done. The result is impressive, and the next idea comes to me quickly. Why not market the login for the Gozo travel guide, English or German? Thanks to the pandemic, I would not have any guests. 

Maybe make the financial gap a little smaller. We will see. I see it more as a fundraiser. OK, intellectual property is difficult to quantify and my € 5 for “entry” is a spot price, but what does that matter: Small cattle also make crap!

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