Gozo in COVID mode - Skewered (2)

With the opening of the airport in July, the summer season also starts on Gozo. Shops are open, the hairdresser can finally cut hair again and restaurants and bars invited you to linger again. Okay everything under COVID security measures so keep distance – wearing masks - disinfecting hands and reduced space in the restaurants.

All the best? My first visit to Victoria in months is sobering, the shops are open and offer their wares. But I don't want to try on the new fashion, my mask is very disturbing and does not decorate it! Not only I have no desire to use the shopping experience, the empty shops.

I stroll through the alleys and streets up to Independence Square to admire the wide selection of free tables. The souvenir shops are almost all closed and there is not much going on in Victoria. I have a cappuccino at Coffee Break and make my way back home.

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