I don't like to believe it!!!

How ignorant is that! "From now on, should we close the pub ?!" the Cologne scene wonders and quickly gathers for one or more beers in the pack, but let's not forget the Munich party people who had to cuddle up to Lake Starnberg again!

For weeks we have been seeing pictures of keeping distance in China, Italy, France and Spain. Football games were also canceled in Germany, certainly not to prevent physical contact between the players (caution: joke!), But because distance is the means of choice against the spread. Angela and her crew still rely on the common sense of the citizens, but they don't care. Parents complain about the school and daycare closings because they now have to look after their own children, start organizing private children's groups or request emergency services. The general panic is increasing, but the first employers took advantage of the hour (I know that's bad!) And send the employees on short-time work or quit for operational reasons and thus take care of the domestic employment staff.

The situation is serious but not hopeless! Let us use the time at home, to clean up in our own self and in life, to think about God and the world and to use the time for relaxation!

Trains and buses are almost empty. Gyms, swimming pools, shops close. Schools and day care centers are closed. People withdraw to their homes. The corona virus changes all of life. The story shows what people do when Germany stands still.


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