Pretty lazy the Haubi!?!

Yeah, my life isn't just about website design, writing articles and taking photos. A house with four bedrooms and as many bathrooms on three levels with living, dining area, kitchen, pool and front garden needs to be maintained. Not only when family and friends fill everything with life.


Honestly, I didn't have as much housework as I did here!

You have hardly found a shop that can meet your wishes and requirements and you think if I need something I go there, the next time you visit you find a sign in the shop window with "finally closed" or "moved to ...". A pity....


So I search again and that is connected with time and small tours around the island. But I don't want to complain, it also has its charm of rediscovering the island again and again!


Gardening and creative thrusts to decorate the house and yard are just as important as days of relaxation on the beach. Hikes across the island are also not neglected.


Culture also comes into its own in my life on Gozo. Whether visiting the opera in autumn, this time "Tosca" in the Aurora, concerts in St George's Basilica or jazz night in Zeppi's enrich my evenings, like the meetings with the girls from "The Ladies Night". Interesting conversations with good food are always nice.


Since winter this time goes around Gozo and so far no storms have hit us, but the sun shines down on us every day, I can really enjoy the evenings in front of Zeppi's.

Every now and then a little early morning rain pleases the farmers, but I will probably have to buy water for the pool again this summer. But what's the point, warm days are all worth it!


Spaziergang um Qala im Januar 2020

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