Do you know Gozo?

In the Maltese winter, from October to April, is the best time, to walk over the island, especially for me and my age. Its not to warm and mostly dry for travelling around. In the last month I found some new places during my walks. Now its time to up date my travel guide for Gozo.

By walking along the seaside from Qala to Nadur I visited the Dahlet Quorot Beach, this nice beach with fishing huts. He offers a food truck in the summer time, in these times I took my lunch with me and enjoyed my break by the sea. This place is not over crowded like Ramla or San Blas and Marsalforn. Will be back in summer for sure.

Next interesting place was discovered with my family and friends, when I was showing them my beautiful island. We were searching a restaurant at the seaside by Xewkija, where we are staying last summer. But no wonder we took the wrong street and were driving a terribly bumpy narrow path along. At its end we reach Mgarr Ix Cini. A beach at the end of a firth. 

This little beach is offside the well-known tourist routes and mostly quiet and unfrequented. One small restaurant offers in the season good food and drinks one told us. From this beach I will talk to my guests in the season.  We went back to Sanat and the next journey stop was Xlendi. Here we have had lunch. 

By the way I found the direction to the Tal-Mixta Cave. When you are staying in the Ramla Bay you see it on the right site on the kliff. Its opposite from Calypso Cave and gives an idea from the broken one. It offered protection for the farmers in the past, its used now for healing celebrations, joga courses or music meetings. You have a great view over Ramla Bay and the sea. A good place for a private picknick, out of the season. 

This all you find in the Gozo Guide in my website category "My Gozo" a lot of new recommends for restaurants as well. Have a look and give a feedback please.

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