Waking from the Hibernation

Don't worry, I still alive! The stormy weather with heavy rain, thunder and strong wind is over now and the quiet, cozy, warm and sunny days are back to the island.

During the last weeks I was working in the house. I decorated my home with up cycled furniture, self-made carpet and new curtains and started with gardening to get my own herbs, salat, vegetables in the next weeks. The sunny days in the winter, yes we have had a lot of them, I enjoyed with walks around the island, visiting Victoria and the other villages, preferential these by the seaside. I found some new places to be.

Of course, I have had guests in my home in this time. Taking care of them was a pleasure and not an obligation. Especially the days with Family & Friends made my life happy!

My daily coffee break at Zeppi’s and also the music event at night, the meeting with the lovely ladies from the Ladies Nights, the evenings with my friends in Gozo and not least the visit by the Horse Riding Farm make my life in Qala perfect!


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