Wy Gozo?

Everyone asked me this question when I moved from a small town, just a few kilometres from Munich city, to the small island in the Mediterranean. The answer I want to give with this very personal guide. As a city-plant from Berlin to the village?  That was a challenge for me. But I quickly realized: No comparison with the villages in Upper Bavaria. The mix makes the difference. Locals, residents from all over the world, holidaymakers and especially young people on their trips around the world are responsible for the flair of the island. My first year in Gozo gave me time and opportunity to explore the villages, their festivities, leisure activities around the year. To enjoy the urban life in Victoria and the "way Of Life "to get to know the foreign community was on the agenda. That's all I want to show you. Follow my footsteps in Gozo. 

Have fun, your Rita

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