Welcome the first guests

Since the beginning of March my offer on AIRBNB started and how wunder, the interest of my country house with his private rooms don't let me sleep anymore. It's crazy, but the most requests reach me after 10 PM. I don't know why?


My first booking reached me at 4 AM, an Austrialien will book a room from end of April to end of June - Wow, I earn money for the rent by spleeping......


I'm waiting for the first guests at April the 1. and I hope this is not an April juke.  Still then, I have lot to do.


Their are three bedrooms, four bathroom, two living rooms, a dinning room and the kitchen to clean up. Don't talk about the ten windows, two terrace doors and the pool area.


This house is mutch bigger as a small flat in Olching.



Of course I go to Victoria, the capital of Gozo, because I find a lot of things for the house.


And meanwile I change, restore or build new furnitures, but about this I will talk in another blog.


Is this the answer of the question "What are you doing on Gozo"? 


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